Funny cute pet videos

Cool Cat DJ screen shot

Blinkxbeat are funny videos that are a screen saver that have pets getting into funny trouble and other videos. Some examples are:
A cat can’t open tuperware with food in it. It tries to bite the owners hand to drag it there.
A cat climbs in a shoe box and another cat closes the box and sits on the top. A few times he tries to push up. Another cat comes by and stretches.
A ball is glued to a teather ball as dogs try to push it around a pole.
A kid with sand on him hides and scares people walking by.
Kittens turn on a vacuum cleaner.
A dog attacks a statue.
A bird steals food and tries to walk down an escalator.
Cats on a turntable and play with controls like a DJ.
A cat follows laser light up a wall and into a wall of cups.


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