At The Movies: Project X

Project X Movie Review
By Anderson Ali

On Thursday February 14th all college editors from around the city were invited to a Warner Brother’s movie screening in midtown. The movie was the Project X produced by Todd Phiilps of The Hangover films. The movie was released March 2nd to a R rating for crude and sexual content throughout, nudity, drugs, drinking, pervasive language, reckless behavior and mayhem involving teens.
There was a national talent search to cast first time actors for the parts. However, although many of the actors in this film appeared to be under age, it should be noted that the language usage throughout the film was very intense, as well as the constant nudity of the young ladies. It perpetuates the fact that women are often used as sex objects.
17 year old Thomas’ parent goes on vacation and his friend talks him into throwing a birthday party and more that they think can all be controlled. They have to lie to their parents about it. It is planned innocent and goes out of control. They are nerds trying to be cool, impress the in crowd and be accepted. Fitting in meant having sex with a top babe and a great party was a game changer for the image.
There is the constant fear of the parents who regularly call as events unravel. The film has taken peer pressure and the popularity contest that exist amongst teens to the next level. Tomas need for approval and wanting to be “cool” supersedes his morals. This film shows what teens are willing to do just to prove themselves to their counterparts; they would go as far as destroying everything their parents have worked very hard for, just to become popular.
The sound effects were appropriate. The score loudened during sex and there were war sound affects as they got more in trouble. The movie was very funny and a lot of cursing. The planners didn’t invite just all they knew but the instigating friend announced it on a supermarket mike, Craig’s List and on radio. Thousands came. They destroyed the neighborhood. It was very funny with a lot of physical comedy. As everything goes wrong they get deeper in trouble. Thomas is on the roof and the crowd chants approval of him and later in school after the party and the consequences. Teen priorities and societies were summed up as he got arrested but voted most likely to succeed.


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