Student Government Initiatives

A message from President Jonathan Douek of CLAS Student Government:
Participatory Budgeting – We are putting aside 10% of our budget so that YOU can vote on whatever feasible project you would like to see worked on across campus. On March 6th @ 12:15pm and March 7th @ 6:00PM in the Gold Room of the Student Center, we will be hosting a town hall meeting on Participatory Budgeting. Brooklyn College will be the first college or university in American history to do this.
Textbook Flea Market – This year your CLAS Student Government initiated the first Textbook Flea Market. We provided students with a venue to buy and sell textbooks at a fair price. It is our hope that a market will take place at the beginning of every semester, and your participation is necessary for its success.
Planga – To create greater awareness of the different events around campus we have teamed up with, a website much like Facebook, to help you connect with the various student organizations. So create your name at and find out what’s going on every day on campus.


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