Knick picking on the Knicks

Puns: Lin the “Heat” of the night, Miami Heat. Meloo jelling, magellon, mello out. Coach D’Antoni calls good plays from a timeout but very few during the game. The coach the first 2 years had no team as they dumped salaries to get under the cap for the free agents. The next year they had a midseason trade he did not want and the owner panicked and gave away too much. This year was strike shortened and started without a point guard crucial to the coach’s style of play. There was not enough practice time and then new payers have to fit in. The GM did a good job getting a bench. The coach did not want many of the players traded for and a defensive coach. Lin did the skills test and ran through the cones and jumped non-stop. The Knicks said he was great laterally and did the best of anyone they ever worked out on it. He is friends with Yao Ming who’s Houston Rockets games went on in China at 7am and 100 million tuned in. If the Knicks progress they can be about the fifth best team in the league. To get higher their defense has to be better from their stars, better free throw shooting and less turnovers. They can’t finish 7th or 8th in the East or will face Miami or Chicago. If they move up they only face one. 6th may be OK and if they win the division they get home court.


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