Mardi Gras, Beauty Pageant, Inequalities of Love, Open Mic, Walking Tour, SPSS Workshop

Student Center All event int the Student Center unless indicated.
Tuesday Conversion Day; Classes follow a Monday Schedule. This does not mean converting religions.
Walking tour Tuesday to Friday 10am and 3pm meet at the West Quad Center Gina Priolo718-951-5862;
Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday 7:30 pm Student Center – Lower Level
Statistical Analysis with SPSS workshop part 2 Tuesday 6:30-7:45pm library120 and repeated Wednesday 3:4p- 4:55pm library 122
Wednesday Roots, Rhythm & Rhyme II Open Mic 6-10pm music, poetry & dance hosted by BC’s Black History Month Committee and WBCR Radio in the basement of the Student Center.
Thursday: International Ball Room Society 12:15pm
Student Government Beauty Pageant 4pm Bedford Lounge call to confirm time (718) 951-5712
Art Group Game Night 5-10pm Marooney Room
ZBT Game Night 6-10pm Amserford Room
BC Slam Team 7-10pm basement Inequalities of Love 12:30 pm- 2pm Women’s Center 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension. Dr. Averil Y. Clarke who will share excerpts from her book. Dr. Judith Corbett Carter, SEEK professor and 2011 Fulbright recipient will host the event.


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