Lin Sanity. Knicks Jeremy Lin puns.

Cablevision now covers MSG and the Knicks. You don’t have to watch anymore in the Student Center basement, you can borrow the remote from the coat room, see it in Applebee’s or in a laundromat that has satellite tv. You can’t Lin them all, Lin-credible, Lin-spirational, Lin-tendo, Val Lin Time Day, Lin long and prosper, Linderfellow, Newt Lin Grinch, You have to be Lin it to Lin it.
During the Knicks win streak look how the defense did. In the forth quarter they limited teams to 11 and 12 points. The replacements players defense was better then the stars out. There giving up about 11 points less per game then last year. Jeremy Lin has good spacing, passing and he has good footwork on his dribble. He doesn’t get caught in the air. He is under control going to the hoop. If he has nothing he dribbles out. Send in the best Lin puns you’ve heard. RobinQhood (at)
Monday is President’s Day.


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