Dramatic ending and record achieving for the Bull Dogs

In a thrilling ending the BC men’s Bull Dog basketball team (8-2 record), beat York College’s Cardinals 77 to 75 (4-10 record). There were many dazzling plays. BC had a 4 point play when fouled on a three pointer. There was a 360 move and a dunk. The Cardinals had more height and muscle and were dominating the boards with 23 more rebounds and putting in easy put backs. More boxing out was needed. Second chance attempts were a factor. It looked one sided till one realizes there are many aspects to the game. Both sides played good defense. The Bull Dogs dominated in other categories such as creating 25 turnovers and having 13 steals. There was no pace do to a lot of free throw shooting and stoppages. BC was trailing in most of the second quarter by as much as 10 points with 9:05 to go. Baker hit a three pointer with 19 seconds and Tyshawn Russell went full court with a layup with 1 second left.
[Russell became the 18th player in BC history to reach 1,000 career points. Teammate Amil John did it last month.] The Bull Dog’s were led in scoring by guards Amil with 19 and Russell with 16 and forward Baker with 20 points 7 rebounds and 5 steals. The Cardinals front court was led by 6 foot 6 inch Wilkenson’s hook shot with 24 points and 12 rebounds. Other scorers were forward Phillips with 17 points and 14 boards and guard Vails with 17 points. About 130 were in attendance. In the first game of the double header the BC’s woman’s team beat York 78-31.


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