New Year’s Eve events, don’t drop the ball

Look for free calenders in small pharmacies, try some banks, Met Food and Ace Hardware have coupons on it. Make resolutions that make it a whole day. Have many specific ones to do daily to get into your routine. Sign checks 2012.
Times Square be alone with 1 million people backdrop to Dick Clark (recently, Ryan Seacrest)–hosted TV specials, (Here’s a rundown of last year’s street-closure times.) tips for going
Central Park fireworks/dancing at Belvedere Castle. Biking and skating groups will meet coming from the Williamsburg Bridge.
Fireworks in Prospect Park on the arch side. Entertainment and refreshments 11pm at Grand Army Plaza. Best viewing anywhere in the Plaza, inside the Park on the West Drive, and along Prospect Park West.
The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine has Judy Collins appears free and choir music 7pm. Williamsburg should have many events.
NEW YEAR’S DAY: Poetry extravaganza:
Bowery Project Club free, 150 artists 2pm
Poetry Project 3pm-forever. 300 artists some famous (Patti Smith), students $15
Polar Bear Club swim in Coney Island 1pm, members Assemble on the Boardwalk at Stillwell Avenue Every Sunday from November through April.


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