Panamanian Mother’s Day cosponsored by the Veterans Student Organization

Young rapper sings about pulling up your pants and looking sharp.

On December 8th the 7th Annual Mother’s Day Celebration was held in Hillel. Panamanian Students’ Organization Advisor and Coordinator of Veterans Affairs Claudette Guinn said when she was a child in Panama items were affordable to bring her mother a gift to express her love. “One felt that the love, admiration and appreciation were more clearly demonstrated via that little, precious gift for your mother.” Guinn message to mothers was “Today more than ever our children need us. Be strong and do not give up on your children no matter what circumstances are. You are the first and most lasting figure in your children’s life. Indeed, the experts tell us that the “mirror” image” they learn to develop from as early as six months old into their childhood is based on you, the one who feeds them, bathe and clothe them, kisses them, and appear magically when they start to cry. So you see why that image has to be strong and positive, firm and generous, secure and confident, always. Your children feed on your strength, and if you are really fortunate, they will transcend your own strength and capacity for love, and make a contribution to our world that will be a testimony of your love, support, and encouragement. BC VP Milga Morales recently was awarded the Encuentro Award and spoke. She is the first Latina or Latino person to serve as VP at BC, indeed the first Latina to occupy such a high position. Ms. Mirka Murell, an alumna of BC, and currently the Education and Outreach Coordinator was the MC.


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