The 15 Minute Rule (Easy does it)

In journalism one learns the 15 minute rule. After you write an article wait 15 minutes. Your first draft is usually the worst with typos. You may have an editor or friends that don’t like many P.S.’s spamming them after the initial message.
Anything written in emotion, wait till the last possible second to send it. Psychology surveys show making a decision after a night sleep clears the head of distractions. Remarks made in anger have ended many a friendship and it can never be taken back. You can also be sued.
A boxer trash talks to get someone to act on emotion and forget their plan. They usually punch out of control. There is no defense and they are wide open to be knocked out. There is no strategy verse with jabs and combinations setting up punches.
I came across a letter cursing away in anger. The party did not check facts and sent it in the first second. I could have posted it and hurt their reputation and possible job prospects.
One does not have to react to an instigation and be set up. You can have a better reply if you have time to think of it. It beats saying “so are you”. A crime premeditated has a different sentence than in passion. Strategy sessions are to act verse others that react. Have the wrong reaction in a bar or crowds and there could be a riot.
Patience usually is the best policy. In making friends or finding a mate it doesn’t matter how many, but the right one that counts. Patience in sex also, enough said. Most would rather have one great friend than many acquaintances for when you really need one.
A thinking person is not a hot head. No one should be able to instigate you in one sentence. Imagine Jackie Robinson, a fierce competitor and what he had to take for 2 years to have progress that would affect a whole race and the world. I got to wait 15 minutes before finishing this.


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