Transfer Student’s Observations

Transfer Student’s Observations
By Charmaine Nero

I arrived at Brooklyn College, July 20th for my orientation, completely eager to complete the process towards becoming a Brooklyn College junior. I had previously spent the previous year completing my Associate’s Degree from Queens-Borough Community College, and had awaited this date for months to come. The nerves were rattling up my body as I stood on the line of prospective students awaiting entry into the Brooklyn College Library. As we were all escorted into an adjacent room by the security coordinator, we were asked our major.
I can remember in high school, sitting in front of a computer program that helped to decide what career would be a good choice for each individual student. After a short quiz on personal preferences, my dream career read across the scene, news reporter. I responded to the male student who was at the desk, Journalism. It had finally come down to that moment in my life, where my future was straight ahead and visible on a clear path. I proceeded to my seat with a feeling of accomplishment and success. I had confidence, and I could feel that my future career and life journey began at this very moment. As we all filled out our assigned documents, we left the room in the library and advanced to the auditorium to listen to a presentation on being a transfer student and the tasks required of us to complete before fully being accepted into the Brooklyn College community.
After the presentation by advisement officials, we proceeded to a speedy advisement where my only regret, was not being informed on personal matters that may affect my success at Brooklyn College (declaring a 2nd major, minors, etc.)
Brooklyn College has so many programs, student activities, and functions that sometimes as a new student, it seems a bit overwhelming. I have learned from my two months as a transfer, that the best way to find something out is to meet people, chat with people, and search for opportunities that necessarily wouldn’t find you.
As I walked out of the library that day four months ago, I would have never imagined that I would be where I am now, having met so many amazing people and writing for the school magazine. My advice to incoming undergraduates and transfers: The best way to experience college is to get out, and be a part of the college community.
The Magner Center has workshops on how to pick a major. Here are quick ways to have your questions answered like the campus tour and visit the clubs Tuesday and Thursday Common/Club Hour 12:15 to 2:15pm. About a dozen have club rooms in the WEB building. Thursday night is the big night for events in the Student Center.


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