A Nutrition Workshop that won’t give you Diabetes

By B.Crane
On Thursday September 22nd there was a nutrition workshop in the State Room in the Student Center. The speaker was Community Health Educator Ronzetta Robinson, MSW. She is a social worker and specializes in maternal child health. She was from the Amerigroup Real Solutions HealthCare. She asked many questions of the audience of about 30 students of which many had taken nutrition courses. Students with the correct answers won glossy posters.

The workshop discussed sodas, sugar, statistics, symptoms, cures, water, and your old age to websites. A lot of time was spent discussing soda consumption. There has been a trend for many companies to reduce sugar but salt is increased for taste. Sodium leads to high blood pressure. The speaker gave up sodas and replaced it with water and in a month she lost 5 pounds. The AMA recommends only 3 sodas a week.

In the US there are 20 million diabetes and 7% of the population. 13% are Afro-Americans and 7% are Latinos. Diabetes is in the top 10 causes of death. Many from the college Healthy Programs were answering nutrition questions. They are located in 0710 James Hall.

Some of the diabetes symptoms are tiredness, frequent urination, excessive thirst, unexpected weight loss, dry skin, tingling extremities and cuts that don’t heal quickly. If you have a family history you have to be more careful.
Diabetes can lead to amputation, vision, cardio vascular and dental problems. Fast food eateries market you to supersize in many ways. They have 2 for a dollar sales and 32 ounce tea when a portion is 8 ounces. They ask if you want fries with your order and also a drink. We may be conditioned to say yes.

The speaker Robinson used visual images well. She showed us a prop of what 5 pounds of fat looks like, and said you should only eat a fist full of starch and the palm of your hand for protein for a portion. Water should be consumed at room temperature. Hot or cold and the body will try to bring it to room temperature.
Some of the solutions are to change your portion size, substitute foods from what you used to eat. Speaker Robinson recommended healthier snacks such as fruit, vegetables popcorn. You should exercise regularly and especially cardiovascular. If you walk try to speed walk. Try to reduce alcohol and get a night’s rest. You could do all that and it may not improve. There are no guaranteed cures so have regular doctor visits.

[Did you know Jack Lalane called the Godfather of Fitness in his 90’s bragged he was still having sex?]

The speaker asked “At 90 what kind of shape do you want to be in and what are you trying now to make it that way.” At 65 you will want to pick up your grandchild. You will want people to think you are their mother and not grandmother. There were a lot of free nutrition brochures and water bottles fir the attendees.
Speaker Robinson said good websites for information are the Department of Health, American Medical Association, Center of Disease Control, WebMD, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and Wealth Health Organization.
An important item to remember is to find out know if you have diabetes, just take a simple blood test. The BC Health Clinic gives it in 114 Roosevelt Hall.


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