Who’ll stop the rain. Good night Irene.

East 28th Street and Kings Highway

If anyone does not evacuate when mandatory they risk a class 2 felony. During the storm it may look sunny and safe. Conditions can change is a second. An old tree with saturated roots can fall on a power line. The line can electrocute a puddle you are in. Photos are a day after the storm. The ones on top will take 8 days till it will be moved and on the bottom the tree is resting on power lines. 40 have died from Hurricane Irene that passed through many states and Canada. Millions were without electricity.

Ave N and 29th Street

Politicians and administrators were very informative in their messages and had useful links from the governor, mayor and BC’s Chief of Public Safety Donald Wenz. In the next few weeks two more hurricanes may pass through.
There is a low supply of blood. Authorities are urging all that can to donate.


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