Jump and Jive at KCC

Kingsborough Community College has Saturday night dances with close to 1000. July 9th they just had the big bands. Swing music like the Charleston, the Lindy and other classics were done. Many BC alumni and IRPE members were there.
BC IRPE member Lionel was seen dancing with Roberta. BC Alumni 91 year old Lieutenant Herbert Jawitz is a World War 2 and Korean Veteran was there. He was in the Pacific Theatre and he was telling stories of the 90 millimeter guns used to shoot plans down being used to get the caves to be emptied. He was in the first guided missile battalion. He was in the Battle of Sabu in the Philippines. He saw the Japanese generals full of medals in Manila meet General Douglas MacArthur to work out peace terms three days prior to the official surrender. Lt. Jawitz last year was awarded six medals from his congressmen 63 years late. His wife Charlotte was also at the concert. Photos will be coming.
There is a Treasure Hunt this Tuesday see photo.

Lionel and Roberta

Lieutenant Herbert Jawitz in brown shirt facing the camera.


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