Student Government Meeting (CLAS)

Tuesday’s student government had a quorum and about 20 members present. President Louie Demeglio had preliminary findings of a survey. It asked students questions from how many work, their majors, activities on campus, asking what student government should look into, likes and dislikes about the colleges, what should be improved and what each student’s challenges are. In 2002 there was the Noel Levitz report. It consisted of weeks of town hall meetings run by an independent researcher. A summary of it is on our blog under the college strengths near one of our first postings. Much of it is still pertinent. A detailed version is at
Great minds think alike.
Speaker Shovnte Hope ran the meeting. I have been to many through the years with parties walking out, shouting matches and security having to be called. This was very civilly debating on points. The student government budget did not pass the BCA. An official suggested moderation and try to get some items passed verse letting others decide. He wanted to show student government can agree on something.
President Louie Demeglio had a list of proposals from needing a ¾’s vote for an amendment. Student Life may now have student government on it. He praised Megan’s trip planning and said it should be the model. He suggested that some should plan 5 to 6 months in advance. Also that there be student government meeting Aug 1st so they are ready to act when the fall semester starts. Another proposal was that the 4 signatories from student government not be on other e-boards. They can be members and when they vote they must disclose their club affiliation. This is to not have favoritism for clubs they are apart of. A few semesters ago a group was on many e-boards and shifted money around to their main clubs. No money was left in some clubs for their mission statement. He ended saying to the assembly that he wants to work on better ways to communicate clearer to the assembly.
I interviewed Speaker Shovnte Hope about the last year. She mentioned high points were going to Albany for a tuition rally, the core was not homogenized, and there were volunteer projects for the homeless, an aids quilt, and coats for children in Africa. They tried to get more parking and have subway passes.
The student government site for CLAS, SGS, GSO and USS is


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