Construction in Brooklyn College and The Skywalk That Never Was By David Gonzalez

Construction in Brooklyn College and The Skywalk That Never Was

Newer version in February posting

By David Gonzalez

Unless you’ve been living in a cave the new West Quad building has finally been erected. While not looking like the typical BC style it still serves a purpose. Inside is an Olympic sized swimming pool, basket ball courts and floor available for other sports as well. On the second floor are dance studious. This building is a vast improvement over the old Roosevelt building which actually looked like we were living in a cave.

The workout room in Roosevelt had no windows and it was a gloomy wonder as to why people would work out in such a claustrophobic cave like setting. The new workout room in the West Quad building reveals the beautiful greenery and sunlight that comes in front of the large windows displaying the lush green yard. It’s illumination is inspiring. No longer is it hidden from view in a dimly lit building.

Roosevelt’s old function has been taken over by the West Quad building thus affecting a new skywalk connecting campus buildings. “The option of a skywalk between Roosevelt and Ingersol extension was abandoned” (Comunications Office) Its proposal had a purpose “but the skywalk belonged to a different master plan before Brooklyn College included included the creation of a massive new science complex.”(Communications Office). The skywalk would have linked Roosevelt and Ingersol building with an above the street crossing. According to the new Master plan it  “calls for the demolition of Roosevelt Hall and Roosevelt Extension and the construction of a new facility that will include high tech instructional and research laboratories and general purpose classrooms, faculty offices, and support areas.” ( With Roosevelt’s demolition on the drawing board it also spells the demise of the new skywalk. “New York Legislature approved over $56 million in funding for the Roosevelt science complex which will improve research facilit(ies)” (

“Roosevelt will temporarily house the departments/ programs/ offices currently operating out of Gershwin Hall which will be torn down next spring. Only after the new performing arts center is up and running will these departments move into their new spaces and Roosevelt will come down and [be] replaced with the new science complex.” (Communications Office)

There may still be time to set the wheels in motion over the construction projects that would excite you the most. On the BC website before referenced you may navigate until you find the form that reads: Facilities Master Plan Comment Box. It asks “Where do you think physical improvements to our facilities and grounds are most needed?,” “What types of spaces, facilities, and buildings are missing on campus that would improve the educational experience and/or student life?,” “What do you like or appreciate most about our existing facilities and grounds?,” “What results and outcomes do you want to see from the Facilities Master Plan process?” In this way BC students have their hand on the pulse of our new beginnings and play a role in the future of our campus. These questioners will try to meet our needs as they become evident. They invite comment and who is to say that there still won’t be a skywalk in the future?

The website before mentioned will give a more detailed account of the up and coming projects slated for our campus with plans for another project that focuses on a new theater as well. For the latest information or to give your feedback please visit the website. The Master Plan evolves and is not yet set in stone.


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