South Park Class at BC Posted on Februrary 14,2009 by B. Crane

On 12/01/08 I was ticking through the radio dials and heard  the Curtis Sliwa Show on WABC radio.  He had on the show Associate Professor Brian Dunphy of Brooklyn Colege.  They were discussing a new television and radio class under Special Topics about the Comedy Central animated show South Park.  He taught the instruction to his T. V. & R. class and played South Park and got a good reaction from it.

He got Chairman George Rodman of the T.V. & R. Department to approve of it, and worked on the syllabus for 6 months.  Dunphy said that the show opens a dialogue and it never ceases to shock.  They talked about an Indiana Jones episode they feel went too far .  A BC student, Jonathan , who sat in on Dunphy’s class, called and apporved of the subject.  He said he likes the underlying politics.  Sliwa invited Dunphy back on to tell of the reaction of the students.  They are planning to repeat the course in the fall, with “The Simpsons” included.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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