New on Campus posted on February 14, 2009 by B. Crane

Until now you could print for free or really money you paid for in your tution at the WEB (West End Building) nick named the barn or chicken ranch.

You can now print in the Library or Library Cafe.  In the Library Cafe you can now print 24 hours with the self service printer.  The library recycles the scrap in trays for students to use.   This should spread to all the floors and departments.  The library information desk now has now has papers on how to do research for scholarly papers for many majors.  A teacher can arrange with a librarian to have a class on how to do research for their class.  There are new express computers by the Library refernce desk.  There are new benches on the Quad and linch Tables outside the WEB.

Near the school entrances there are bike racks giving the school a country look.  Also there are big maps of the buildings at the entrances.  Soon there will be a self service machine to validate your ID.

The student Center scaffoldining which was up for years has now come down.  It is a fresh look as the first floor can be seen through the windows with ping pong, video games, a computer room and a cafe.  The view is a good selling point for future students and those that don’t know what goes on there.

New science Center capital Construction for the first phase of the building(currentsite of Roosevelt Hall ) are inplace and in the final stages of selecting the arcitect which will be completed sometime in the spring semester.  The begins a trorough planning process to the new building, It will take  four years to build.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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