Have you seen what’s been going on in the Student Center lately? Posted on Februray 14, 2009 by B. Crane

There are very  few Students Centers in CUNY and BC is lucky to have one.  There is a computer room, television and a modern Game Room.  Scaffolding has been taken down.  This makes it look like a new building with the veil taken off. Room for parties, lecture and meeting facilities and services have been up upgraded.

Director Ryan Buck has been  at the Student Center just over a year and has made many improvements. He had a tough task to to replace Joe Benedict who was there for over 10 years and made major improvements in his time.  Through the years the facilities changed from a sleeping lounge to lecture rooms for many events.

There  will a “Total Silence Study Lounge ” for Studying.

A MTV-U plasma was installed in the club room.  Additionsl storage space was created for student clubs to utilize in the club.  The TV Lounge was redesigned  with new furniture.

The Jefferson Williams lounge received a total makeover with  a newly acquired art collection installed.

The Game Room has a new pool table, table tennis tables, four 50 inch plasms screen gaming kiosks with Bose surroubd sound, Xbox 360s, Wiis, and PlayStations.

The Game Room Cafe was compleletly overhauled including new ceiling, lighting, environmental friendly carpet, a new eating  counter, new furniture, new modern treatment systems and new gaming equipment.

“The Student Center has been undergoing a major “facelift”.  Much has yet to happen but with support of students, staff, faculty and administration, the Center has accomplished some majors goals in an effort to enhance co-curricular life and to contribute to the student retention efforts of the College at large” wrote Buck.

There is a fresh appearance with the outside panels having been re-done. The first floor has a constant activity and excitement.  Through the windows outsiders see a life to the place.

The student run cafe has been a great community builder providing students an opportunity to earn money and interns the oppotunity to operate a small business in collaboration with an Entrepreneurship Class.

Buck produced the 1st Annual Halloween Party.  Floors have been painted.

He created a new snack bar menu for the College Community.

He hosted the Imagine Flatbush 2030 Sustainability Project.

He hosted Stepping: Community Conference to prevent Hate Crimes.

He sponsored The Mediating Leader: A Skills Building Workshop.

The beds and garden area were replanted and flower boxes were installed at the enterance.  This area was enhanced by large planters, bushes, small trees, and flowers to create a garden terrace feel.

The 6th Floor has an allnew Conference Center space created.  New lobby furniture was purchased.  Not including the hardwire AV for the Conference Center, approximately $30,000 dollars was spent on portable speakers, microphones, mixers, laptops, and presentation board. When Mr. Buck first was hired he asked all workers if they had any suggestions.  Many companies like Google give workers a lot of time to work on new ideas to improve the company.  They know the problems first hand.  The Student Center is moving forward and not off center.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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