Getting to Know BC Provorst, William Tramontano Posted on Februrary 14, 2009 by Jamilia Pringle

(Jamilia Pringle went on to be the Kingsman editor)
Getting to Know BC Provorst, William Tramontano Posted on Februrary 14, 2009 by Jamilia Pringle (Ms. Pringle went on to be the Kingsman editor)
Recently Brooklyn College has opened its arms to welcome William Tramontano, our newly installed College Provost.  Many students may not be well acquainted with with much of the staff at Brooklyn College.  To those unaware of the tasks of which a provost is comprised of, their duties are as follows, they manage budget requests, oversee the faculty, implement changes within the curriculum, and help provide professional development for faculty.

Provost Tramonatano, brings much experience to Brooklyn.  “I have been the Dean at Lehman College and then the acting Provost there also.  When I had the position at Lehman I learned a lot about the CUNY system.” Provost Tramontano is already making himself at home here at Brooklyn College. He has plans in helping to dedicate much needed resources to Brooklyn College’s new science building.  “This new science building will be a help for teaching and research,”  replied Provost Tramontano.

The voice of the students of Brooklyn College is important for him in implementing academic programs within the school. “One of the things we are seeing is more practical and job oriented students in terms of immediate needs. So we are looking at more practical based careers. We are trying to see what is needed here, because we have a responsibility to the students”.
Aside from the many skills Provost Tramontano has acquired over the years, he brings teaching experience to Brooklyn College. “I am cell biologist  by trade, but I used to be the researcher and I published probably 30-35 articles.  I added to the base of knowledge.”Being granted the opportunity to work at Brooklyn College is a refreshing experience for Provost Tramontano and he is ready for the challenge.

“It is certainly a blessing to be instated here within the CUNY system. I keep telling people that CUNY is like a big family.”

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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