Free Tutors posted on February 14,2009

There are many tutors at the WEB for computer classes. In the Health and Nutrition Department there are tutors for writing papers in 4110 Ingersol Hall.

The Learning Center in 1300 Boylan Hall is the tutor center for courses and has tutorials.

Courses:  Accounting, Economics & Language Schedule, Core Schedule, Learning Communities Writing Tutors Schedule, Math & CIS Schedule, Science Scedule Supplemental Instruction.

Tutorials: Calculus I: Solving Sample Problems, Chemistry 1: Measurement, Accuracy and Precision, CIS: Introduction to C++ Programming language, Core 1.1 Classical Cultures, Core 3.12 Computing: Nature, Power , and Limits, Core 3.21 Biology for today’s world, Core 3.22 Science in Modern Life; Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, SmartPaper; Literary Analysis, SmartPaper: Research Paper Writing Guides Brooklyn College Library Spotlight on Learning Express

Learning Express is an online platform of practice and tutorial courses designed to help students succeed on academic or licensing tests they must pass.  You get immeasdiate scoring,complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.  Examples of featured resources include math skills improvement, reading skills improvement, and TOEFL Preparation.

Begin by going to the Library Web page at and choose Databases(articles and more).  Navigate to the letter “L” and click “Learn a Test.”

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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