Do you want to write poetry and descriptive stuff? Posted on February 14,2009

Do you want to write poetry and descriptive stuff?

If so, then don’t write this paper,due to our great postors.

There are many publications to write for. Some are not active every semester.  River Run in the English Department.  The Women’s Center, Hillel’s Hatikvah, Night Call, Graduate Journal, PHD, and USL’s website, BC Magazine, On The Quad, Excelsior and the Kingsman.  There are poetry clubs.

The English Majors’ Office is now accepting student submissions to the annual Zine, which ia colection of students’ short stories, poetry, plays, photography, and illustrations.  The Zine is open to all students.

If interested, please ssubmit a hard copy and a disk of your creative work for considerations to the English Majors’ Office, 3416 Boylan Hall. Or e-mail a copy to along with  a hardy copy.  All documents must be e-mailed as a Microsoft Word attachment.  The final deadline is February 14th , 2009.

There is a poetry club and Boylan Blog is a weekly blog put together by the interns of English Majors’ Office.  hhp://

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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