Eleemosynary Paul Sheridan

by B. Crane

Paul Sheridan was a photo teacher and technician.  Paul went to school here and stayed for over 25 years.  Any question you asked him, he would answer with a question.  Paul did it in a good way to make students think.  Paul had a very literal sense of humor.  Examples are when asked What’s new and he’d say NY, What’s up-the sky, What’s cooking- I don’t know I’m not in the kitchen, I’ll go home and check, How are you- I’m not in Hawaii.  If you were in a hurry for an answer, you would walk by him to ask someone else.  There were dozens of greetings like that.

If you asked him a common darkroom procedure question that he heard hundreds of times, he would ask you if read the signs of instructions he had posted all over on many tasks.  The joke was that his apartment was full of them and he would guests saying “did you read the sign?”

Paul recycled film canisters.  Paul used his scrap mail envelopes to hold slides.  Paul’s activities at Brooklyn College affected and counseled so many young students.  At the college he showed students how to be organized, to think out of the box and at the big picture.  A dozen students wrote  him in for Empolyee of the Month. Unfortunately it was after the deadline.  Paul was very generous with his time and willing to help others.

Paul’s wife, Karen Gleeson, also an alumna of Brooklyn College in Thantology, also did alot of community events as well. Karen was one of the leaders in Brooklyn recycling movement, community organizing and preserve the local environment.

The farewell party to Paul Sheridan and Karen Gleeson was in the Old Stone House, a musuem a dedication to the history of the American Revolution in Brooklyn.  Among the highlights of the party, intended as couple’s “Farewell to New York” was a house concert by their friends and political folk singers Charlie King and Karen Brandow who had created a special parody on the song My Way, saying they did it, “Their way.”

Paul and Karen’s causes are recycling, the Geen Party, cooperative food movement, preservation of the urban environment, good government, anti war movement, BC Art Fund for students in an emergency and faculty union PSC/CUNY.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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