President Kimmich Announces His Retirement Posted on February 14 2009

As we were going to press late breaking news occured.  President Christopher M. Kimmich announced his decision to retire effective this summer.  He assumed the presidency in spring 200 and is embarking on his tenth year in office.  Here is a short summary of some of the accomplishments mentioned in his public memorandum.

He expanded the Honors Academy and made it a signatire program, a new core curriculum and a commitment to being a student centered campus.  More and more students are deciding to stay and graduate with a Brooklyn College degree is surely telling.

A new library was built and also the Library Cafe doubled its capacity.  The Student Center began to modernize, other facilities renovated lecture hall and labs and turned classrooms into smart classrooms.

The West Quad is the first new building in nearly fifty years.  A performing arts center and a new science complex are on the drawing board.  A concerted effort to make up for long-deferered maintenance earned the college the Princeton Review’s ranking as “the most beautiful campus.”  Technology was instrumental, and success indevising ever new applications easily made BC the leader among our peers.  Improved processes in budgeting, purchasing, recruiting and hiring and in facilities have made a visible difference.

Finally, the College colud raise funds, private as well public, to get all that done.  Over these years, the school raised over $80 million from alumni and friends.  The success enabled the College to recognize faculty through endowed and named professorships, to provide students with scholarships and travel  stipends, and to build a new home theater and music.  With the helps of our friends in goverment and partners in community, some $400 million in capital funds was raised.

The record, initiated by a broad planning process and implemented through two consecutive five-year plans, allows BC to anticipated a Middle States Re-accreditation review with confidence.  Chancellor Mathew Goldstein’s public letter mentioned President Kimmich’s support for the Minorities Access to research Career Program, Library and the student residence halls are in progress.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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