Kappa Phi Chi Sorority Posted on Februrary 14,2010

Kappa Phi Chi Sorority  has annual charity work work which we commit to every year, howevever, we are always looking fi=or new causes which touch us in some way or another.  Kappa Phi Chi Sorority is very proud of all the philantropic work we have done over the last five years.  October of 2007 we helped raise over 7,00 dollars for a young boy suffering from leukemia through the Light of Night Walk.  We are happy to say he is currently in remission, this past October we participated in the walk again.  We participated in walks such as Walk Far for NARS, Light the Night, and Breast Cancer Walks.

Every year on the day before Thanksgiving, Kappa Phi Chi Sorority participates in the Feed the Homeless which Hillel hosts, and around Christmas Kappa Phi Chi holds their annual Greeks Bearing Gifts Party.  This party is not  where profit is the motive, at the door a toy or $10 donation is collected.  Afterwards the money is used to buy more toys and all the toys are brought to the vaious Children’s Hospitals on Christmas Eve. In the past few years it has been Coney Island Children’s Hospital.

THis December 19,2008 we hosted our 17th Greek Bearing Gifts Party, all proceeds go to buying children’s toys and clothing to donate to Coney Island Children’s Hospital and various orphanages through out the city on Christmas Eve.  The sisters of Kappa Phi Chi are always looking for new causes that thouch us or someone we care about. We are very active on campus Volunteering for Family Day hosted by the CHildren’s Center, volunteering for freshman orientation and giving campus tours.

Becoming self reliant, looking inward toward sisterhood for support and celebrating your individualism are bebefits not found in many organiztions, but can be found in Kappa Phi Chi Sorority.  As a sorority we believe that the result of contribution to the community,  developing moral and ethical integrity in all aspects of life and striving for excellence in all levels of your endeavours are elements that one learns as a part of Greek life.

Kappa Phi Chi Sorority was founded in 1991.  We are an extremely close kniit group of young women, who dispaly an abundant amount of loyalty and dedication toward each other and the Sorority.  Kappa Phi Chi is a sosority of academic achievement, leadership, developement, and Sisterhood.  We value our traditions, history and riual.  We have initiated many pledge classes and are looking forward for a lonh line of Sisters to come. We work hard to keep this Sorority going strong and are pround of all our accomplishments.  Contact mbrincat27@yahoo.com

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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