In Memory of John Smoot’s recent passing Posted on Februrary 14, 2009

“He was friendly, kind heated, very special and a great friend to everybody” said Custodian Claudia Buckner.  He worked in Central Routing and delivered packages to the departments.

“He was a civil service stock worker.  John has been working with the Central Routing department at Brooklyn College for about seven years. He had large family base.  John Smoot was a fine man to talk to; he had so many stories on how things used to be.  It felt refreshing at times; because you work in an area you have no history about it.  Mr. Smoot was the oldest employee that ever worked for this department and yet you would have thought he was one of the youngest.  He was very energetic, and enthusiastic and very helpful of being the only full time person I had.  John was my right hand, when I wasn’t around or simply out sick, John will always tell me” Don’t worry I got your back”.  He was about 68 years old. I’m going to miss him because of the warm person he was.  One good guy!!

We will miss, REST IN PEACE John Smoot “said his boss Keith Holland.


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