Greek Rush on the Quad Posted JUly 27,2009 Courtney Reed

With music blaring and people laughing and chanting their slogans and theme songs, the atmosphere was filled with brother and sisterhood. On a very chill Tuesday afternoon students met and conversed with some sororities , noteworthy were Kappa Phi Chi, Gamma Beta Delta, and Sigma gamma Rho and fraternities like Kappa Chi Phi, Phi Bet Lamda, and Phi Sigma Chi.  They were promoting themselves and were looking to recruit new rushes who are willing to discuss the process of pledging. Rushes. as they are called, are candidates who are interested in joining a sorority or fraternity. Each table members were eager to talk with students about their display and even happier to explain to them what they are all about and what their letters stand for, which is honor, loyalty, respect, friendship, growth as an individual and most importantly, the tight bond that are formed between one and other.

As I walked around and observed each display, I could not help but to over hear one of the fraternities say that it is there first semester on campus. I approached the gentleman who was speaking about it. Aliba Griffith, a graduate student studying Economics, a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and their grandmaster of ceremonies, said it was true, but they also fly people up to attend their yearly conferences and they participate in over 1000 hours of charity work..

Now although many people have their own opinions about fraternities and sororities are, one would be surprised to find out the real truth behind it. It was not all about partying, fun and games.  It is a hugh part of it, but it is also about giving back through  community services, charity work, and philanthropic duties.  Griffith said ” Sometimes we fast so we can supply food we would normally eat and give it to the homeless, this process is called meals on wheels”  Isabel Olan a sociology major and member of Omega Phi Beta said, ” our sorority has a clothes drive called Take the Shirts off your back to offer clothing to those who are in desparate need of them”.

Maria B, a member of Kappa Phi Chi said they have a seventeen year tradition where they donate toys to Coney Island Hospital.  Michelle, the philanthropic chair of Gamma Beta Delta, stated that this sorority has painted schools, walked for  charity, adopted a highway and adopted a child, whom they frequently send money to.  The philanthropic portion of the conversations seem to be the pride and joy of these sororities and fraternities.

It is the way these groups were able to express their various connections to different things outside their everyday functions, duties, and obligations that gave them a plus side and a heads up.  Voice, a member of Phi Sigma Chi, spoke about the high sponsorship they have coming from organizations like Hip-Hop and R&B station Hot 97 and from Adidas.  He was proud to say that their fraternity have no pledging barriers and they help others to better their lives.

They all had a  lot in common.  They all had goals, ambitions and dreams that they wanted to share with others. They spoke  about their  upcoming charity work and their possible rushes for this semester.  One can see the thrill and excitement in their eyes.  They all had their special way of expressing their special ways of happiness and joy because they hose the sorority and fraternity that suited them best.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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