Fraternity Date Auction for Haitian Relief Fund Posted on April 20, 2010 by Jamelia Phillips

The Alpha Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the Beta Lambda chapter of Phi Beta  Sigma came together on Feb 18, 2010 and presented their fourth Annual Dinner Date Auction. This event was held in the PentHouse of the Student Center.  “Paying to go on a  date with someone I see All the Time on campus.. I can ask them for a date for free!”  One may say this, but you see this event wasn’t put on for social purposes.  This event was held for a good cause.  The  proceeds were donated to local charities and primarily to the Hatiian Relief Fund.  ” The event turned out to be a total success, over 120 college students came out to support and donate money for a cause.  We were delighted to see that there was a strong Greek fraternity presence at the event,  Greeks from Brooklyn College  campus as well as other colleges and Universities came out to support.  A portion of the proceeds collected were donated to the Hatian Relief Fund and the balance is gi=ong back to the Brooklyn Community through service based programs.  We are happy to recieve so much love and support from the brooklyn College Campus” said Brooklyn College junior Arielle Featherstone who is also the vice president of the Alpha Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Sorority Inc.

________________________________________________________  10 ladies on the left, 10 guys on the right                                                                 _________________________________________________________\

And a hostful of people in the crowd, everyone sat in their seats anxiously waiting to see who be the one to raise their green ivy and bid.  As Jason Young the tresurer for the Beta Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, called upon a female contestant you could almost hear a pin drop.  The contestant would then have to rise from their seat and stand in front of the mic.  He presented each contestant by their name, classification and major.  “Would you rather have personality or looks when it comes to the significant other?” Mr. YOung asks one of the contestants Jaleesa Bedeau of Brooklyn College.  “well, when it comes to a guy, I rather a great personality.” She stated , “Oh really?” Jason questioned with sarcasm.  A burst of laughter filled the room right after as Ms. Bedeau blushed.  “I was  nervouse because I never been in an auction before.  After I was auctioned off, I felt way better” says the English major. The person who bid the highest got to enjoy a lovely dinner date with the contestant preceding the auction.  The dinner was held on the sixth floor of the Brooklyn College’s Student Center.  Name given:  The Akaphi Bistro — which I thought was absolutely adorable.  Decadent punk and green table cloth covered each candlelit table for two.  ” Welcome to the Akaphi Bistro.  Our menu consistys of baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, rice and salad.  What are you having tonight?” the humble waitress asked wearing a green apronwith a spot of pink on the pockets.

When asked Arielle Featherstone what was one of the biggest challenges you were faced with when putting on this event?  “Advertisement>> it  is extremley hard to advertise on campus since we attend a commuter school.  So emails,texts and Facebook, she laughed.. helped us alot.  The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc and the Men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc are dedicated to service and that’s what inspires us to keep giving back to the community.”  Overall, the 4th annual Auction was fantastic.  Both chapters achieved success by putting on the event to help the Brooklyn Community, and the victims of the recent disaster in Haiti, while still maintaining a fun environment.


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