A Message of Hope: Luminaries from NY1 and State Senator at Pre-Solidarity Event Posted on Feb 14, 2009 By B. Crane

Anchors Dominic Carter and Cheryl Wills of cable’s NY1,  State Senator Kevin Parker and community activist Josephine Johnson spoke on Thursday October 30th on the Student Center.  The audience reacted very positively to them. It was put together by President Shaun Pascal of BSSO, a Business, Finance and Management senior.  It was interrupted by a fire detector going off.

Dominic Carter of cable’s NY 1 had moving speech.  He called up students and asked them what major or job they are aiming for.  He asked them what they will do if they fail.  Student Nadine Alexander said “there is no choice.”  He said don’t ever make excuses.  What ever obstacles you have, he can match with 3 times that.  No one wants to hear you whining.  He said tell me how bad you want it.

Carter revealed his childhood which is in his book titled “no Mama’s boy”.  His mother had mental disorders and beat him badly. He was raised in a Bronx projects.  He was in 5 high schools in 4 years but graduated on time.  When he told his school counselor he was going to college, he was told he would end up in jail or dead.  He said don’t let anyone define you.

To show him he graduated college in 3 years.  He was turned down 3 times for graduate school at Syracuse University till he made it.  He said if he made it, you can and go further.  He said no one ever gave you anything in life, so give yourself a hand. He said it didn’t matter where you start in life but where you are going.

Carter said if not for the black woman in our community we’d be done.  He said “My grandma got a PHD in loving me and never gave up on me” To the female students he said when you hear “Ooh baby, baby just give me a minute,” it can’t happen in a minute.  That one minute can wreck your life!

He said, ” Years ago, we weren’t allowed to open a book. You’re in college now; and don’t blow it!  You are the leaders and don’t have a right to do less than your best.” Anchor woman Cheryl Wills asked a few trivia questions that were important, like name the first bill that gave blacks the right to vote.  Carter speaks to youth groups about the importance of education and achievement. He has received The Samuel P. Peabody Award from the Citizen’s committee for children, for his vision, innovation and dedication to children and families.  The evening had the spirit of the subtitle to his book, ” how I got out of past and embraced the future.”

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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