C.U.N.Y. Baccalaureate Program Posted on Februray 14,2009 by Salma Malik

The C.U.N.Y. Baccalaureate Program is designed for motivated independent students.  In the program you design your own Area of Concentration(A.O.C.) which takes the place of majors.  You choose classes that relate to the major you’ve created along with a mentor that you find.  You can create very unique majors and you take classes at any C.U.N.Y. you want.  This especially helpful if you create a very unique A.O.C.

I,for an example have two A.O.C.’s which are Psychology and Creative Writing.  I was also able to take pre-requisite courses for Health Careers(Physician’s Assistant, Occupational Therapy) since I have more flexibility in terms or electives.  I will be graduating and will have many options, I could go for my masters in Psychology, Mental Health, English, Education or pursue a Health Career.  I really would not have been able to do this without the C.U.N.Y. Baccalaureate Program.

The real cherry on top of all these grweat aspects of this program is that the administration and counselors are excellent.  Have you been sent on a wild goose chse to get something done?  That does not happen in the C.U.N.Y.  Baccalaureate program.  The program respects their students and is extremely helpful.  The C.U.N.Y. Baccalarureate is professional,mature and I am glad to be a part of it.  For more information go to: http://web.qc.cuny.edu/cunyba/

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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