The Best Teachers Do It With C.L.A.S. Posted on February 14, 2009 by non teacher B. Crane

I heard a story of a CEO at a party trying to belittle a teacher by asking how much do you make.  She answered ” I make students read and experience  another whole new world.  I help expand their minds. I make them create.  I make a difference. Now what do you make?

There is an old joke of a female student trying to act and allure a teacher and said ” I’ll do anything for an A” He said “OK study.” is a site that students that can write in anonymously. They can add comments and rate a teacher’s hotness in peppers.

The BC’s evaluations I was able to get were consistent with A survey revealed half of what you’ve learn you forget in 2 days.  Many students cram. A great teacher on my ideal list is one who had would review every class so you heard the same topic repeatedly if students don’t study enough. Studying on class time could occur more. Retired art history teacher Eugene Santamosa did it well and with alot of personality. A great teacher could give homework and quizzes. I feel they will study to not  look bad and are competitive. They have office hours or use Blackboard effectively and try to have the textbook in the library reference section.

To really learn something the students should put definitions in their own words and own examples.  The total time hypothesis says the more time you spend on something the better the memory.  If a test is written with an eloborate question with big vocabulary the class time should perepare you for that.  The greatest mind or personality could be in your class and you would never know it till they became famous.  In classes students are not allowed to talk much or to other students. Some long classes don’t have breaks.

Some teachers get there before class and are the last to leave.  Some don’t want the students talking about them.  A common goal, like critizing a teacher brings students together.  Many students wear their their coats all the time.  It is like their passing through.  Good teachers want students to know each other and ask questions.  They put students in groups and compete to answer questions.  They may have outings off campus with a few classes together.

They let the class study in group projects in and out of class.  In the cafeteria or on the quad you may see a group of students from a class studying together.  It is harder to miss a class if everyone knows you and asks why did you skip class.  It is a brotherhood and a support group. There may not be tutors for your subject but students in your class could be tutors.  Some know one area better than another and vice-versa.  More advanced students should sit next to those less adcvanced. Extra credit could be for tutoring a classmate.

A teacher should offer you something the book doesn’t or you could take it online. Positive feedback is helpful.  Social science classes and others sit in a circle.  A great teacher could mentor, read more and aspire you to go into the field.  With computer classes and similar extra credit should be for making a list of the top things that will go wrong.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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