Memory Techniques, Forget about it Posted on Feb 14, 2009 by B. Crane

A few years ago I read a survey that said that half of what you learn you forget in 2 days.  Some things you forget in 30 seconds and some you forget in 2 seconds.  An example is if someone tells you a phone number to remember and you don’t write it down right away.  If you take a test with 50 questions, try to remember them after the test is hard.  Dreams are forgotten easily.  Years with no meaning or emotional connection are hard to remember.

At first learning which was your right and left hand was hard if there was no differences.  The chunking view is that you could remember only seven items.  I took a mega memory workshop and it was only good for remembering names and grocery lists.

The book cognitive by Matlin is very good.  It has charts and diagrams. Several times in the chapter there are summaries.  It says many students are overconfident and misinterpret how they did on a test.  Many are surprised when they get their marks.  It is easy to understand someone’s words if you are looking at them for special clues as they talk.  Hands and other body language are expressive.

Autobiographical memory is memory for events and issues related to yourself.  Flashback memory is your memory for surprising and very emotionally arousing events.  911 is an example.  Can you remember  what clothes you had on that day?

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)


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