Make Learning Fun and Not Robotic Rope Learning posted on Feb 14,2009


An internship with a resume class.  You had to list your accomplishments by decades.  It is similar to defining yourself or use 3 adjectives.

In the Cultural Anthropology class you learn in Japan if you see someone sitting crosslegged and the shoe up, it is an insult.  You are showing the bottom of your foot.  Some talk at a very close distance.  My teacher said not to read words but to read ideas.

Someone in the world is eating your pet. Cows are sacrad in India and not eaten. Jews and Moslims don’t eat pork. Some countries eat cats, dogs, brains, or cickets.  Much of the world eats insects.  Don’t jump to conclusions, normal is relative.

In the Literature of Small children class we talked about your childhood embarrassments.  The question was asked when did childhood end?

In Professor Osman’s Psychotherapy class he said do you ever have the same arguements in your family and it never get resolved because you use the same way of approaching it and it dosen’t work.  You need flexible strategies.  He says to patients something like ” you never told anyone your problem because you think your the only one going thruogh this.  Do you realize your friend is like you in many ways and have the same issues.”

In the Cognitive Psychology class I learned many memory techniques and perception.

(An On Campus Magazine of Brooklyn College article)

In Abnormal Psychology most students were admitting some of their oddities.  Many childhood problems you had, you realized you outgrew.


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