Letters to the Idiot-in-Charge, They mean editor Posted on Feb 16,2009

A president of a fraternity refused to give his name. In person he told me in the last edition my grammar was wrong.  We have an ad saying get edumacated and learnamed, spell checkers needed.  There is validity to his point.  I actually looked for a class on just grammar and never found one.  I will try to work on it.

Someone wrote in that they’re a fan of the paper.  Oh you’re the one.

A lady said she found our last edition on the table in the cafeteria with food prints and it had alot of errors in it.  Our last editor put out the last edition while taking 21 credits.  He started with no staff and this was his first time doing this.  He was very good at lay out.  He did better than I could have and others could have.  Tens of thousands of words are written and a space missed is noticed.  There are newspapers that never come out and no one even knows there is one.  Not every paper cna get enough members to be registered  Usally we are found in the better trash cans.  Squirrels are our readership.

Magazine are in many locations like in the Student Center information desk and computer room.

We will soon be on line at now.

A message of hope and overcoming.


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