Editorial by B. Crane Posted on Feb 8, 2009

Many ask me what is the name of the paper on campus.  I say ” On Campus”. They again say “Yeah, I’m  trying to find out the name of the paper on campus.” I say ” On Campus.” Who’s on First, Third Base.

Who is the editor of On Campus?  I’m usually called “Bruce Who?”  I’m 30 something and weigh a hundred and plenty.

I will not be accuse of faking modesty, so hear goes.   I took a BC 911 memorial photograph that went on tour and a website.  Over 2 million have seen it.  I am organizing a citywide conference of college newspapers.  I was heavily involved with the cause increasing library hours and getting more tutors.  the library may have 4,000 students a day and is the most important place on campus.

I had a newsletter of events with 1200 readers.  An inside joke was that I was president of the Yehuda Katz Fan Club.  His fans should note, he was wrote a computer book and is on tour in Japan. I was on the Campus Planning  Committee with student and faculty.  I started a club, the Non Club Club.  I got a Digital Photography class added to the curriculum.

I have have not been as successful on many other things.  I’m in good company because Thomas Edison was a failure the first 1000 attempts to invent the light bulb.  I have alot to learn and welcome students to write us and join us.  I may learn something new everyday but also forget something.  Every week we lose species but also gain some.  There are mor births than deaths.

Being frank and direct bothers some.  Recently, I learned, where saying “i” verses “you” is perferred.  Instead of saying to your friend “You’re always Sloppy, you’re late and wrecking my plans”.  To get the same message across,  you could say ” I used to pay attention to schedules;  I came late to my friends without calling and didn’t realize I ruined their plans.”

For the longest tine there was between the student government parties.  Things have calmed down lately and it may be due,  in part to President Kimmich’s  meeting with the student government presidents monthly.  He has an open door policy for them, with no appointment necessary to see him. A lot of feuds are parties don’t know someone and believe rumors. I say anything bad that you may have heard about me is true.  I have that certain special nothing.

Student government parties could have contests were the parties are mixed together.  They could compete for a trivia contest or any fun competition.  They could be on the same team against administrators or other schools.  Working together on a team breaks down the differences.  The clubs MEDO and PRA didn’t get along till their club rooms  were moved near each other and they got to know each other.

One person can only do so much or one person can do so much is my motto.  Some think they’re not in shape to exercise or that it is too boring.  They may not realize they dance or play hours of sports.  Surveys show there is more creativity when you do something due to an interest in it or force to do it for school or work.  The power of an idea is when you get an idea, you may keep going and don’t eat or sleep till you’re finished.

I’ll leave you with some more of my favorite lines.

“The whole world doesn’t have to live their life the way I want it or the way you want it.”

“There is a broken heart for every light on Broadway.  The only break I got in life was deep in my heart, to what might have been.”


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